Pin Grading Guide

Pin grading is subjective but I do my best to make sure that you know what to expect and will be happy with what you receive. These lists aren’t exhaustive but they should give you an idea of what you can expect.

Standard Grade

Standard grade pins are perfect or close to perfect. Since all pins are handmade, there may be small flaws. These are only noticeable on close inspection. Some flaws that you might see on a standard grade pin:

  • small scratches on the enamel or plating
  • small dents in the enamel that are only visible when turned a certain way toward a light source
  • minor bubbles in the enamel
  • imperfections on the back or sides of the pin


Seconds Grade

Seconds grade pins have more noticeable imperfections but they are still beautiful and can be worn or displayed. Some flaws that you might see on a seconds grade pin:

  • longer or deeper scratches on the enamel or plating
  • longer or deeper dents in the enamel
  • noticeable bubbles in the enamel
  • small black dots or other specks
  • small areas of missing enamel