Spring Event

You are cordially invited to the Marvelous Manor, a grand estate of magic and mystery where the lady of the house is known not by name or appearance, but through the fantastical events she hosts throughout the year.

On this spring occasion, you are invited to participate in the Mischievous Maze. A single entrance lies before you within a wall of rose hedges, impossibly tall, stretching on forever in both directions. Your goal is simple: make it out of the maze. 

As you cross the threshold, you may think to yourself that this will be easy. After all, upon entering, you are greeted by an incredibly soft bunny who jumps onto your shoulder to nuzzle your cheek. As you progress to your right, or maybe your left, you encounter a lovely tea table set for one, upon which rests an Irresistible Delight. As the name implies, you simply must eat it. These scrumptious treats are magically reminiscent of the sensations of Spring and you’ve never had anything so wonderful in your life. But these things are not at all as they seem.

Irresistible Delights, enticing as they are, disorient you and lead you farther from your goal. The bunny on your shoulder is no longer alone. Three, four, five bunnies now cling onto you, slowing your progress and threatening to imprison you in fluff. On a rare occasion, an Irresistible Delight containing powerful magic transforms you into a Fox, causing the bunnies around you to squeal and scatter. You may be glad to be free of their weight, and your lithe body now offers you speed and immunity to all Irresistible Delights, but the bunnies’ distress has alerted the Rose Dragon to your presence. She will not stand for foxes in her garden. Only two outcomes lie before you now: evade the Rose Dragon until the magic loses its effect, or be cast out of the maze by the Rose Dragon’s wrath!

Rose Dragon Enamel Pin & Rose Mini Pin
Rose Dragon Die Cut Sticker