Please Read!

Pre-Orders are available on my website for customers in US, Canada and Australia ONLY!

If you live outside of these areas, please tell me what you would like by DMing me on Instagram or emailing me at I will be creating custom Etsy listings for you all when I have the pins in hand. Please only message me if you are willing to commit to your order because it will affect the number of pins I order.

Why Pre-Order?

  • Pre-Order pricing: All full size enamel pins will be $12 each! This is $1-$3+ cheaper than they will be when they are listed in my shop later. 
  • Mix and Match Minis: Order individual mini pins in colors that you can mix and match depending on what you like. When they are listed in my shop later, they will only be sold as sets in limited colors.


Free mini pin for every three full size pins you order, up to a max of three free minis! (applies to the Ocean of Sky series only)

Free matching washi tape for anyone who orders all five full size pins from a single collection! (Day or Night)

Please list your freebie selections in the "Order Notes" section when you check out.

B Grade Pins are Available!

Get $2 off every full size enamel pin and $1 off every mini pin when you accept a B grade. Please list the pin(s) you would like to be B grades in the “Order Notes” section when you check out and I will refund you the appropriate amount. You can read my pin grading guide here.